Press Release

Families, school officials and employers are at the mercy of retail owners & purchasing agents to select and supply effective COVID-specific protection solutions for their local marketplaces. But, convenience stores and price-point brands may not be as concerned with the science behind their products as they are with the immediacy of generating huge profits from uninformed consumers.

Toronto health & safety equipment suppliers Protect Our World announces its breakthrough personal protective equipment (PPE) solution to minimize the risk of COVID-related infections and outbreaks inside and outside of family, school and workplace bubbles – The COVID PROTECTION MASK.

Verified by Nelson Labs,  a leading provider of laboratory testing and expert advisory services for MedTech and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world, this one-of-a-kind, surgical-grade mask is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that it comes in contact with; and, offers superior protection over N95-rated masks having achieved bacterial kill rate (BFE) and breathability test compliance certifications to ASTM F2102-19 and EN14683:2015 Annex B standards.

“I have a large extended family with many in the most vulnerable COVID risk categories”, says Senior Product Manager, Charlene Pateropoulos. “This whole pandemic situation raised a lot of questions for us all, especially regarding children and elderly parents, and answers weren’t coming fast enough. So, I conducted my own investigation and was surprised to discover that some of the best and most affordable protection wasn’t being made available to everyday people.  Then, I did something about it — and, here it is, The COVID PROTECTION MASK. It is the only mask of its kind out there and every mom and dad can now move forward with greater confidence and a real feeling of security knowing that The COVID PROTECTION MASK, along with following recommended health and safety guidelines, truly minimizes the risk of the COVID virus infecting those that they care most about”.


Incorporating an exciting leading edge, patented technology based on a proprietary silver ion formula the COVID PROTECTION MASK provides families, friends and coworkers comfort, convenience and over 13 weeks of protection with no loss of effectiveness while providing a responsible and cost effective PPE solution for employers with higher infection-risk workspaces such as factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, bars and restaurants.

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