Protect Our World Masks Common questions and answers


1) Why do you say it is better than N95 Masks?

Answer: N95 masks are not antiviral, The New Protect Our World Masks are.


2) How many ply’s is The New Protect Our World Masks?

Answer: with the medium that has the silver in it, we’re happy to report it is 3 ply. Our Health Minister announced recently that all masks needs to be 3 ply.


3) How many different prototypes existed before you approved this one?

Answer: 8 prototypes over 10 months of testing.


4) Are there other masks out there with silver in them?

Answer: Yes, some other masks have silver sprayed on to the surface of a middle layer. These masks are effective for a short period of time, weeks not months and they are not 99.9% antiviral.


5) How long does the Protect Our World Mask last?

Answer: The silver ion technology is effective for up to 2 years


6) Was this mask tested on Covid-19?

Answer: No, it was tested against; Ebola, Zika virus, influenza, small pox and dengue virus.